Entering to Turkey

When you're entering to Turkey, directly go to passport control without looking where the visa queue is. This is your privilege for now.

Government can validate your e-visa through their system with your passport information. So, no need to worry in case you lost it in the airport or in the plane. You can carry your printed page only for caution. So, you don't have to carry it, it is just an advise. Once verified, welcome to Turkey.

Please be informed that an e-visa, just like a printed visa on your passport and neither of them guarantee your admission to Turkey. Turkish government has right to deny your entry under international and local law.

With an e-visa, you can enjoy your holiday in 90 days and can do business visits. It does not allow you to study, work, do a mission or official work for any government. E-Visa is meant to be only for visiting purposes.


For your questions:

You can reach us for any question and get the visas 3 months in advance. 020 - 412 06 07